“Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness will be filled” Matthew 5

A preacher of the Kingdom of God operating in the gift of spiritual discernment, working of miracles power demonstration and deliverance. ENCOUNTER the realm of the King of Glory to the extent that you are willing to receive Him.

Once Jonathon takes the microphone your congregation has permanently received the word of the Kingdom and it will take over all other seed.

Graham Cooke to Jonathon

There is a deliverance anointing upon you. You are a deliverer. You are a deliverer. You have that same anointing that Moses had. And the Father says that when you see people who are abused there is an anger that rises up on the inside of you. When you see people under the power of the enemy there is a rage that takes hold of you. And you will come and you will smite the enemy hip and thigh. You will smite him with that sword. And your anointing is to break chains off people“.

Fergus McIntyre Word

“There is supernatural power and God is going to use you as a voice to the coming generation

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